A cattleman’s wife

It was 2013 and we were going non-stop with our kiddos. They were mature enough at this time that we could pack up & go last minute and we did. We went everywhere, Lake Amistad, down the Rio Grande, Seminole Canyons, it was outdoor fun!

About this time, I was yearning for more from this life. I was experiencing some crazy baby fever! My husband on the other hand was experiencing a different kind of baby fever.

He wanted more than just managing someone else’s ranch and he wanted to secure a future for our children. He wanted to create a legacy that our children could love, enjoy and pass down to their children.

When Anthony approached me with his plan, he had all the data. This man did his research! He didn’t just propose a plan for the future, he had it all mapped out down to the very dollar. I had always envisioned becoming a mother and Anthony’s wife. I hadn’t’ really put a lot of thought into the idea of becoming anything more than that let alone anything within the agriculture community. Yet here we were, in deep conversation about a major change and a major investment.

In midst conversation, he pulled out a paper and there it was in black & white doodled with pen. Our brand. He had taken the time to create a brand for our future company that represented us, our marriage, our relationship. I was impressed, unsure, but impressed most definitely.

AR Land & Cattle Company, LLC


↑that’s us↑

We purchased our first group of heifers from the Jones’ family and leased a very impressive bull. I remember cringing at the dollar amount written on that first check. Oh the amount of money we were about to drop on cattle, land leasing and soon a farm of our own.

It was truly a family affair! The kids, myself and my hubby all spent our free time after work & school and those weekends on clearing brush piles and putting up new fence on a few thousand acres so we could run cattle. It was exhausting and it was hard work. Little did I know, it would pay off in a way I could not fathom.

Our kids began to understand the concept of hard work and dedication. They experienced first hand what daddy spent his days doing and they appreciated him even more. The days spent together working as a team helped us to form a greater bond with each other.

After the first group of calves hit the ground, the kids were elated to say the least! Baby cows! Who doesn’t love baby animals? They were continuously checking fields and senderos for signs of new calves.

Soon, we were off to market with our first herd, then another group of calves hit the ground and so on and so on………

We grew bigger than I had imagined within the first three years! We were now using social media to lease and sell some cattle. We owned horses & chickens! We were up over 50 head of cattle and in need of more land.

137 acres of brush and no water well sat at the corner of 1986 & 1436.

It was a dream that was now becoming a reality for two small town kids from broken and abusive backgrounds. We worked hard, days and evenings, mostly Anthony, but the brush was cleared, trees were cut, fences were mended, new fences were up and a water well was dug. We rented equipment when we could and worked our way up to purchase our own farm equipment. We had ups and downs along the way from loosing a calf during labor to busted pipes, water leaks and broken down equipment. We kept pushing forward and even though I cursed the farm and Anthony every now and then, we continued to support each other.

Five years down the road and I find that becoming cattlemen and farmers to be far more rewarding than any diploma, paycheck or award. Each time we check the chicken coop and collect eggs for meals, each time we spot a new calf on the farm and every time a new field is planted and rain follows – I believe these are gifts from above.

Who knew, becoming a cattleman’s wife would become one of the best titles a Texas gal could hold….

And that baby fever I was having, well, we now have a wild toddler to chase as well!


He will also send you rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful. In that day your cattle will graze in broad meadows – Isaiah 30:23

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  1. I love it! I have found it hard to find someone with the same or similar work ethic and family values. Thanks for sharing the story to inspire hope and prove this type of family life does exist.

    1. Thank you! We are big on family values & teaching our children so that they become the kind of adults that contribute to society.

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