A new year

Ah, it’s that time again….

Once the count down is over, the kisses have landed and the champagne has run dry, it’s time to once again set unrealistic goals.

The good ol’ new year’s resolution craze ~ Why do we set these ridiculous high standards for ourselves? Don’t we realize that we are adding more unwanted stress and disappointment?

I can’t do it. I can’t sit here and create a list of fantasies. I want my new year to start off on the right foot. I want positivity, creativity and more fun, not crazy diets, drastic life changes and competition with someone on social media I have never met.

I have skipped out on the resolution train my entire adult life. I have watched friends & family stress over these ridiculous lists they have created and watched their confidence fall when they couldn’t meet their expectations. I am not having any of that this year or the next.

However, I want to do a few things differently this year for myself mentally and physically so that I can enjoy life more with my family & friends. Do I need to make a new year’s resolution? No, I don’t. I don’t need to set a goal and a deadline. These little things I want to do don’t need to happen on January 1st and end on December 31st. These little things can start at any time and should continue until I am sitting gray-haired on the front porch in my rocking chair. Instead of setting goals & making lists, I’ll incorporate new habits into my daily routines.

  • a little more me time –  I used to be a runner, up until a year ago. I let myself become too busy for something I truly loved. Running gave me alone time, away from work, kids and chaos. It was my time to breathe and think. I could focus on my mind and body when I ran. I miss that. I know very well that getting back into running is not going to be easy. So, I’ll start with walking. We live on a gorgeous ranch in Texas. I want & need to venture out more. So, today I bought a pair of walking shoes. I won’t go outside everyday, I work, I have kids & livestock! I think a Saturday or Sunday morning will be a good start. As I build up my endurance and clear more time on my calendar, I would like to add more walking time to my days.
  • a little more play time – my children are at an age where everything I do and say is going to help mold them into adults one day. I want them to become good parents, responsible adults and hold on to their faith. I should set a good example as their mother. I can’t do that if I am on my phone all the time or sitting in front of a laptop. I would like to start setting an automatic response on my phone each evening at 6 so that I don’t need to run each time it rings or vibrates. Unplug, that is what I want to do more. Put down the electronics and make some time to play a family game or watch a family movie or even just talk a little more. A little more play time with the hubby won’t hurt either. Without our phones to distract us, maybe we can squeeze in a chic-flick or a drive around the ranch one evening with a beer in hand.

Life is about making memories. I want to make more memories this year than the last with those that I love. This is what I want to accomplish in my new year and the next.

What will you do?


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