Cactus & Mimosas

Well hello there my friend. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site. I believe my last post was an update on Hunter’s Wild Rumpus.聽

While I have taken a long hiatus from blogging our adventures most definitely have not slowed down!

What’s the difference now? Well, I’ve tuned in on my organization skills and now have a one stop shop for my blog. You can check it out at聽Cactus & Mimosas

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Let’s get an update!


My, my has this new year been a doozy! If you have been following along or checking in from time to time you may have noticed a ton of changes! From old posts, new posts, new pages & new material. Heck, even the color scheme has changed a time or two! Continue reading “Let’s get an update!”

A cattleman’s wife

It was 2013 and we were going non-stop with our kiddos.聽They were mature enough at this time that聽we could pack up & go last minute and we did. We went everywhere, Lake Amistad, down the Rio Grande, Seminole Canyons, it was outdoor fun!

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Time for a change

It was December 9, 2017 and the family was all decked out in their best. The boys in boots & ties, our daughter in her lace evening dress and the hubby in his leather vest and cowboy hat. We were down to the last five minutes of “we need to get on the road now!” The family was patiently waiting in the truck while I was still inside. My hair was done, makeup set but I was still in my slip.

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country kids, country living

There are聽many tales of how children聽differ when raised in the city vs country. While there are聽pros & cons to both, my personal experience proves that the country life is a far richer experience than any concrete jungle can provide.

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The pre-school edition

The fun and much anticipated聽pre-school stage. Or as I like to call it, the horrible 3’s.

I love Hunter and I adore his personality. I wouldn’t change anything about him because I know who he is right now will change soon and I will look back and miss those days with him. Sometimes though, he’s a tough cookie to handle. He is not only defiant, he is fearless and outspoken.

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The Romance Package

I adore my three littles very much, but every once in a while it’s good to get away and dedicate a little time & fun to yourself and your spouse.

As much as we love the ranch and spending time outdoors, I need a city night or two in my life every now and then. I love San Antonio and all it’s features. Since the city is a two hour drive for us, we pack a bag and spend the weekend. If we can a get a weekend alone, sans kids, we plan for romance. Continue reading “The Romance Package”

Cherry Cream Cheese Cobbler Dump Cake

My children are notorious for last minute notices when it comes to school projects and also for signing me up for everything! I have had phone calls to cook 6 pounds of beans for a fall festival, bake a million cupcakes and donate double snacks for class parties. I love my children!聽

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The beginning

I can close my eyes & remember every detail of our first meeting. 1996 and I was a freshman at La Pryor High School. 聽I was shy, awkward and lacked style (my mother picked out my rocky jeans). There I was sitting in Mrs. Blair鈥檚 English class when all the girls began to giggle and whisper. And there he was, this boy, a new student to the district. He was athletic & chiseled to say the least. His hair was dark just like his eyes. He smelled heavenly but manly. He was everything a young farmer鈥檚 daughter could dream of. I couldn鈥檛 help but stare often at him. We had almost every class together and he was the center of attention in each. I caught myself day dreaming about talking to him but hadn鈥檛 worked up the courage. Continue reading “The beginning”