About Roxann

Well Hello There! 🌵

I’m Roxann. The gal behind TexasSharpShooter Photography.

I am a Texan (we wear that title with pride) married to her high school sweetheart with two wonderful children and one rambunctious toddler!

In between a full time job in town, raising a family on a ranch, pursuing a passion of photography, running a cattle business with my best friend and growing our small farm (Yes, I know, crazy busy & I LOVE it!) I am funny (in a corny way), I love Law & Order: SVU, I am a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur & a great cook!  

If I wasn’t so busy I’d open a bakery, because cookies are my spirit animal (and the reason I live in stretchy jeans)  🙂 

My love for photography started out many moons ago with wildlife, family and friends.

Today, I enjoy photographing those special moments in a gal’s life and turning those images into photographic art they can cherish for years to come!

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