Let the wild rumpus begin!

Four~Ever WILD

I find myself forever describing Hunter as our wild child. And he is just that.

From an active bun in the oven – no joke – we would sit and watch my baby bump as though it was filled with wild rabbits, to running before he could crawl. Our terrible 2’s have quickly moved on to the horrible 3’s to our understanding that Hunter will just be Four~Ever wild.

This boy has kept our family on it’s toes from day one!

It often feels like we began chasing Hunter around immediately after bringing him home from the hospital. His wild spirit and contagious smile fills our home every day and this momma hopes he never looses that wild spirit.

It was only fitting that we choose the story of Where The Wild Things Are as his theme.

All decorations & party supplies were purchased on Etsy  and Amazon

Cookies were a custom order from The Cookie Kitchen Uvalde

Cake was made by SweetCreations Vero in Uvalde, Texas

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