Let’s get an update!


My, my has this new year been a doozy! If you have been following along or checking in from time to time you may have noticed a ton of changes! From old posts, new posts, new pages & new material. Heck, even the color scheme has changed a time or two!

I have been so busy getting my photography business off the ground and down the path I have always dreamt of that I have put blogging on hold for the past month.

I have always wanted to blog but I have also wanted to find a balance & site design where I could showcase my work.

I wanted to turn my passion & love for photography into a growing business that sells itself.

So, this gal has been at it hard this February! 🙂

If you haven’t noticed yet, I now have the cutest logos, blog layout and I have even reinvented my editing style. Hello light & airy!

Don’t worry, I will continue to rant, rave & blog about those wild adventures our family has traveled on so stay tuned! (Our trip to the mountains will be up soon)







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