The beginning

I can close my eyes & remember every detail of our first meeting. 1996 and I was a freshman at La Pryor High School.  I was shy, awkward and lacked style (my mother picked out my rocky jeans). There I was sitting in Mrs. Blair’s English class when all the girls began to giggle and whisper. And there he was, this boy, a new student to the district. He was athletic & chiseled to say the least. His hair was dark just like his eyes. He smelled heavenly but manly. He was everything a young farmer’s daughter could dream of. I couldn’t help but stare often at him. We had almost every class together and he was the center of attention in each. I caught myself day dreaming about talking to him but hadn’t worked up the courage.On his third day of school, he stopped me in between classes. I was nervous & anxious when I felt his hand brush against my arm. Butterflies filled the pit of my stomach. He asked me to be his girlfriend at that moment. I wanted to shout YES like a giddy schoolgirl but my life flashed quickly in my mind thinking about the reaction of those strict parents who raised me up to that moment. I replied as calmly as possible “I need to ask my parents.” I’m sure I caught him off guard.

Once I told my parents, my mother loaded myself and my younger sister in her Camaro and headed straight to Anthony’s home. I couldn’t believe my mom was asking my future mother-in-law if her son had permission to date. I sat there in the front seat of that car praying for my happily ever after. Meanwhile the boy of my dreams was defending his manhood as his mother shared his “lack of experience” with my mother. Once we were given the okay ~ we went on our first date.

Disney’s First Kid & A soccer game – our first date chaperoned by my mother and an annoying little sister. This was the beginning of something truly special.

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    1. Oh I imagine my husband will do the same with our daughter when that time comes! Yes, family is a blessing we cherish!

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