The pre-school edition

The fun and much anticipated pre-school stage. Or as I like to call it, the horrible 3’s.

I love Hunter and I adore his personality. I wouldn’t change anything about him because I know who he is right now will change soon and I will look back and miss those days with him. Sometimes though, he’s a tough cookie to handle. He is not only defiant, he is fearless and outspoken.

He doesn’t hold back his emotion and he doesn’t sugar coat anything. If he calls you out on the stupid fathead that you are, well, maybe it’s time to address your attitude. We all know kids say what they think and feel.

Our older children were so reserved, well spoken and well behaved. Third time is a charm I suppose. I have read all about the “third child syndrome” and compared notes with other moms. Hunter takes the cake and his pediatrician seems to find humor in our situations. Hunter once kicked the cane out from under an older woman standing at the receptionist desk. No apology, no explanation, the cane was simply bothering him. He has yelled an entire car ride (45 miles) because he could not detach his shadow from his body. Other car rides “gone wrong” were due to the inability to undress while buckled, mom didn’t drive fast enough to get home, not wanting to leave daycare yet and my favorite and weekly tantrum “I need a new truck from the toy store now”.  Now I threaten military school almost weekly but who am I kidding? We all know I won’t ship this little turd off regardless of what he does. He’s the baby in the family, spoiled by every family member and friend. Hell, the daycare staff treats him like royalty. He is charming, loving and the sweetest child most days. This is a fun yet tough stage and we are working through it together. It really does take an effort from mom & dad to tackle tantrums and disobedience. We have learned that spanking is not the answer with Hunter. A simple time-out will not suffice either. So, we enforce restrictions. We put away the favorite toy, turn off the T.V. and sit down for serious talks about our behavior. None of this actually works every time but we get lucky once in a while and his room gets cleaned, an apology is given and a yes sir is said. We’ll take it, all one day at a time and keep trying to be the best parents this rambunctious boy needs. After all, we only have two more months until Hunter turns 4, eight more months until head start and a few years later until college.

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